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Broken log in

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Reported by: No Username (#27360)
When I log in it either redirects me endlessly or takes me to a page that just says "Dog breeder game" with some pictures of dogs, "0 online", and then the chat in the bottom corner. I can't access anything else.
Bug Development Notes
No Username (#35169)
This issue acquires with as well. I tried everything and yet to actually get back on
No Username (#27360)
Still having this issue.
No Username (#27360)
I have tried in multiple different browsers.
No Username (#27360)
If I click anything like the links in the chat for example, I get a page that says this:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare dbInsert() (previously declared in /hotel/sites/dogbreedergame.com/db/db_functions.php:40) in /hotel/sites/dogbreedergame.com/db/db_functions.php on line 40