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Reported by: No Username (#27360)
Again... As so many have been reporting for several days now, the game is broken. I even emailed support and have gotten no response. I know there is a lot involved on the technical side, and I really appreciate all the work that goes into making this game available, but some sort of acknowledgement would be nice. It is disheartening because I have purchased a lot of tokens during my time playing this game, and I subscribe every month. I JUST purchased another month of subscription time before this happened, and now I'm losing days of that without being able to play at all. It would be great to hear some kind of response from the development team... Thank you for this game, I'm so sorry to complain, but please at least tell us you're working on this.
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No Username (#27360)
Never mind, just saw the thing that says the server is offline for maintenance. Thank you so much for addressing this and again sorry for all the complaining. It's only because I really love this game.