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Reptiles Didn't Age With Turn

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Reported by: No Username (#302)
I was starting to hatch my Chameleon clutches and just noticed that 3 of the neonates I hatched the previous turn are still newborns. They are Id: 21308356, Id: 21308358 and Id: 21308338. I JUST looked at the rest of my reptiles and there are quite a few that have not aged. Some additional ones are: Id: 21412112, Id: 21308488, Id: 21402259, Id: 21402258 and a lot more. It's not as if I reached a certain point and everything after that didn't get aged. For example, here are some Mantis, in order of hatch date and time, some aged, some did not: Id: 21331530, Id: 21331543 and Id: 21331552. It's not as big a deal for most species, but it a problem with my Ghost Mantis due to their short life spans. I need all the Mantis from each turn to grow up together in order to breed them all at the same time. I looks like all of the ones that did not age are still fed and happy. I hope to see this issue fixed by the end of this turn which at my rate is about in 3 weeks.
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alex (#1318)
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