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Can't hatch eggs

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Reported by: No Username (#4519)
I have 43 clutches royal python eggs and if I want to hatch it does nothing and I tried again and again nothing happened. Maybe it is because I have too many eggs.
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Juli (#64467)
I have the same issue as well with Royal Python clutches but only with clutches that have 3 hatchable eggs. When I choose to only hatch 2 out of those 3 eggs I am able to hatch them but never all 3 eggs. Dont have issue with any other clutch sizes. I hope this could help at least a little.
No Username (#64385)
i have this as well
No Username (#42771)
its done the same with me i just had to remove the clutch because i couldn't take a turn , its annoying
No Username (#42771)
No Username (#39707)
No Username (#39707)
I have only two clutches, and I just started playing.
No Username (#24196)
This happened to me also
Developer RBG_Xorphix (#6)
Do you have the ID of the clutch?