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I can claim all the snakes in a clutch

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Reported by: No Username (#28150)
I was playing normally and opened a 7-egg clutch from the incubator menu. I picked one of the snakes I liked and then misclicked on the "reptiles" menu. I then went to turns to check what I had to do to see "7 reptiles are not in cages". WHAT? So I go to my unsorted reptiles and ALL s e v e n of them are just sitting there. Here are all seven profiles. Note they are all born by the same parents at the same time as evidence. The IDs are also all in number order.
https://reptilebreedergame.com/rb2/index.php?page=viewreptile&reptileid=22173785 https://reptilebreedergame.com/rb2/index.php?page=viewreptile&reptileid=22173786

Im also curious to know if I can keep the snakes or if you can just get rid of the ones I didnt pick so I can keep the one I wanted.
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No Username (#28150)
They're gone now. What?
No Username (#28150)
Well, I just went back to the incubator menu and...I CAN STILL CLAIM THE CLUTCH AGAIN....I-